Can you hear my Heart whispering?

How can you, it’s just storing the pain.

Collecting it all, and deep withing crying,

Wanting to SCREAM, but it is all in vain.

Yes, I am strong, Yes, I am fighting,

But I am becoming weak, losing, have nothing to gain,

I want to start again, Can you end this suffering?

I want to SCREAM, RISE UP once again…

It’s my mistake , I think I am recovering,

Little did you all know, that my heart does feel the pain,

No one cares, You see, I am simply Smiling,

I am not complaining, I am not even Insane,

Sick of everything, Can you see me Dying?

Crying all the tears, while walking in the rain.

And once again, I am just trying,

To hold on the pain, by writing with this pen,

With ink of sorrow, hatred but within healing,

My pillow has seen more tears than any men,

Ending my words not the pain, Hey, I am hurting,

SCREAMING aloud tonight, SCREAMING till I can…..



Dear Me..

Dear Me, Why do you hold it within you?

Make yourself stronger, This world is screwed

Never let them know, Inside you are dying.

Why do you still suffer? Why do you still cry?

You have won your battle, You need to heal

Screw up the dirty past now let your mind seal

Yeah,You should scream, You should fight and feel

Those battles you just ended were just pain and not thrills

Every Night Is Like A Fight,

I Fight With The​ Demons Which Are Inside,

I Say Good Night But My Eyes Are On The Skylight,

I am not a warrior neither am I a knight,

But everyone try to push me down,

And I’ll rise like from rupees to pounds

I am not that king who fights for the crown 

I am that soldier who wanna die on the ground

The world is round,

what goes around comes around,

Trust me karma keeps the count,

Tik tok tik tok just see the clock 

(Knock knock *(who’s this) this is karma and here’s a punch)

*Block it if you can block

I told them that one day I’ll DO IT

With them or without them but one day I’ll PROVE IT

My words aren’t good?? Then one day I’ll IMPROVE IT 

If my OPPONENT is a Mountain than one day I’ll just MOVE IT!!

My past is so Bad 

Nothing’s white everything is Black 

But leave this CRAP Coz i ain’t going Back 

I’ll fight until i CRACK 

Courage?? I Have….I am not that weak that I’ll die by a Heart Attack

I know I’m not Ready but atlest I’m Steady 
My words are Heavy but I’m frozen Already

But I know I can fight alone and i don’t need no “buddies

I trust nobody because even my rivals are devils and not fluffy “teddies

How Do You Think..

If You think you are beaten,you are,

If you think you dare not, you don’t!

If you like to win,but you think you can’t,

It’s almost certain that you won’t.

If you think you will lose, You are lost,

For out in the world to find,

Success begins with fellow’s will,

It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, You are,

You have got to think high to rise,

You have got to be sure of yourself,

Before you will ever win the prize.

Life Battles don’t always go on,

To the stronger or faster man,

But sooner or later the man who WINS,

Is the person who thinks HE CAN!

Inside Me

There’s something inside ME that keeps me confusing,

And there is NO COMFORT for I keep on panicking,

Want to find myself again, but I can’t see,

And I have been dying and it’s hurting,

Help ME to get up, I need to live again,

Everything is hard, I want to be Sane.
There’s something inside me that keeps me worrying,

Should I keep going on, cry or just keep reacting?

Holding within Me, Can you end this suffering?

Mind seems to be messed up, it’s distracting.

Do you believe in me when things go wrong?

I want to start it again , I want to stay strong.
There’s something inside me that keeps me controlling,

Don’t give up on me, Trust Me, I keep on trying,

It’s a long way to go, I have been just answering,

Facing the battle withing me, I will be recovering,

And I will WIN , I will FIGHT, I will NOT GIVE UP

I will RISE, I will COME, Come out of this TRAP.

When WE called it LOVE…

I am still stuck in time, When WE called it Love,

But nothing Lasts forever, It was meant to be done.

When We called it love, and made plans for two,

For now you are gone, Nothing feels new.

But even the sun sets and time flies,

And the promises we ever made, were they just a lie?

When we called it love, you said you won’t let go,

I am still waiting here wanting you to know,

If it was LOVE, I would still have been holding you like this,

But there doesn’t exist a fairytale, there is no such perfect bliss.

When we called it love, all love songs I use to sing,

Where I was your queen, And you have been my King,

Where are those times gone, isn’t it all wrong?

I am now lost, I can’t smile or sing our song,

When we called it love, remember the way we use to be,

You know it’s hard to realize that you’re not here next to me.

I know I have said it before, I don’t expect you to care,

But you can’t expect me to be fine, I am all bare,

I am still stuck in time, When We called it LOVE,

Is it too late to make it? Is it too late to save?

And it’s hard to live now, I need you with me,

WHEN WE CALLED IT LOVE, You are my Heart’s key💕